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We won’t disappear once you buy your investment!

At Think Property, we also provide tools and resources including:

  • one-on-one property reviews
  • monthly education seminars
  • regular newsletters


We also offer additional services:

  • Buyers Advocates
  • Education

Buying the right investment is an important step to the road of property success but choosing the right tenant for your property is the insurance policy. We understand this and that’s why we manage your property as we would our own investment.


We source only quality tenants from our select database to find an ideal match for your investment before your property settles.


At Think Property, we protect your cash flow throughout the tenancy period. This is because we have gone through the journey with you in selecting your investment and are confident we have made the right choice for you.


We also conduct periodic inspections to ensure both you and your tenants remain satisfied.


Their Story

We had paid most of our family home off and were ready to buy an investment property to add to our nest egg for our retirement. But with the local prices for property being high and rents low, it just didn’t make sense to us as an investment.


Their Success

“Think Property were able to secure an investment property in Pakenham with a rental return guarantee. This was achieved by working with the builders and developers and buying in the early stages of the development at a reduced price. Think property ensured the property quality and build would see the investment achieve a high return and long term capital growth.”

Diane & Warrick

Glen Waverley, Victoria