Maintenance Tips

Sometimes maintenance is the result of something very simple and in some circumstances if a contractor attends a property where the maintenance items is false or found to be the fault of the tenant, the tenant may be charged a call out fee for the contractors time. Here’s some simple tips to try before reporting your maintenance.

No Water

  • Check the water meter is turned on
  • Check to see if the whole street is affected
  • Call water board hotline to check the details of any water supply interruption or scheduled works
  • Turn on a number of taps to see if the water meter ticks over (this will indicate blockage)


No Hot Water

  • Check that you have water supply
  • Check that your HWS is switched on
  • Check that your pilot light is lit
  • Check main power board to see that the main switch for the HWS is in the “ON” position and has not tripped the safety switch
  • Check that the unit is not leaking any water
  • Ensure that lack of supply is not due to overuse and if a significant amount of hot water has been used allow ample time for additional water to be heated

No Power

  • Check to see if other homes in the street are affected
  • Check to see if there are emergency or planned power outages at
  • Check main power box. If safety switch is in “OFF” position it will need to be switched on again. If it trips again you’ll need to unplug you appliances and turn the switch back on. Systematically reconnect appliances one by one to determine what is causing the switch to engage and leave faulty appliance unplugged. Common causes are faulty fridges, kettles and microwaves


Water Leak

  • If you are able to determine the cause of the leak, switch off or block the source and report immediately. If no source can be found and leak is causing significant damage or water waste switch off the water at the mains
  • If leaking/running toilet is the issue then turn off the supply at the wall when not in use


All emergency maintenance should be reported to 0427 892 720
If unanswered please leave your full name, address, contact number and nature of maintenance issue and we’ll return your call within 60 minutes

Most importantly if your have a serious emergency call 000 for Police, Fire or Ambulance attendance