Our Services

At Think Property we want to stand out from the rest, to excel where others fall down. We aim to provide our clients with professional and intimate services and to make them feel that they have finally found someone they can trust.

We offer the following services as a standard practice, just to name a few:

  • Preparation of property for rent
  • Regular Rent Reviews
  • Pre-Vacate Education
  • Dispute Resolution
  • VCAT Representation
  • Working Director
  • Property Advertising and Marketing
  • Online Applications
  • Quality Tenant Selection
  • Rent Collection and Disbursement
  • Comprehensive Routine Inspections
  • Payment of Accounts: Council Rates, Water Rates, Insurances etc


  • Photographic Condition Reports
  • Maintenance Management
  • Future Budget Suggestions
  • Tribunal Experience
  • Service Guarantee
  • Video Inspections
  • Professional Photography
  • 24 hour application approval
  • Tenant Education
  • Arrears Management

Our Fee Structure

We offer a highly competitive fee structure to our clients. All of our fees are open and transparent, all fees are disclosed prior to signing any agreements.

We don’t agree with the additional fees charged by some agents and we don’t agree with the common practice of annual fee increases that some agents engage in.

When you list your property with Think you will only need to worry about two types of fees: those related to advertising and leasing your property (only charged every time a property is advertised and a new tenant goes into the property) and your ongoing management fees. Yes, we have other fees listed in our fee structure but we believe that if we are doing our job to the best of our ability these fees are rarely applicable.